How We Help Employers Of Lawyers

The Bar List conducts routine and contingency legal searches for law firms, companies and government offices. Aside ministries and government agencies, we work with national and international clients as well as smaller local businesses and law firms. We get to know our clients so as to understand the specific skill set and individual chemistry that is required in a successful candidate.

Our representation starts with a candid assessment of what each client is looking for. We attempt to meet face-to-face with an organization’s hiring or recruiting contacts to better understand the client’s style, culture and professional personality. We seek to ensure that the goals and desires of our clients are met on all levels of the search process.

The Bar List has an extensive database of the top legal talents available nationwide. Our professionally developed and nurtured database covers a virtual who’s who of both local and national lawyers at all levels of seniority and in all areas of legal expertise. In addition to our vast network of skilled lawyers, our carefully cultivated network of professional contacts helps us to prepare a focused list of potential candidates to contact for any legal employment need.

Once we locate those lawyers who seem to have the appropriate skill set for our client’s specific needs, we pre-screen each applicant to ensure an appropriate personality fit. We evaluate each candidate’s specific set of abilities, academic background, interpersonal skills as well as their career objectives to ensure the best fit with the organization. Only those candidates who closely mirror the profiles established by the client are submitted for consideration. We spend our time and energy on all of the details so you can spend your time doing what you do best.

Contact us for a private consultation to discuss how we may help you. All inquiries are held in the strictest confidence. Our current fee schedule and guarantees will be furnished upon request.